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BAFTA Awards 2/24/2002

BAFTA Magazine
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Photos: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

Russell was awarded the Best Actor award for his performance in A Beautiful Mind. On the television broadcast, after he said his thank you's, his acceptance speech was cut off.* In a Maximum Crowe exclusive, we've got what was missing:

"Western cultures are often criticised for their focus on performing arts. However, singing, dance, theatre, film and all forms of creative expression serve to ignite the intellect, propel emotional development and availability, and reward us all with stories of humanity and the triumph of the human spirit. I am grateful there is a Sydney, I am ecstatic there is a Sydney Opera House. I love my job. I don't think I do it that well. But keep on disagreeing with me if you like.

"Richard Harris, one of the finest of this profession, recently brought to my attention the verse of Patrick Kavanagh:

'To be a poet and not know the trade,
To be a lover and repel all women,
Twin ironies by which great saints are made,
The agonising pincher jaws of heaven.'"

(Special thanks to a long-distance friend for thinking of us.)

(Captures thanks to Betsy)

More on the BAFTAs from
"The neatest thank you was Russell Crowe's.

"Accepting the award for best actor in a leading role from Halle Berry, he said: 'I love my job and I don't think I do it that well - but keep on disagreeing with me.'

"There was some good-natured sparring between Crowe and last year's best actor, Jamie Bell.

"Presenting the Orange Film Of The Year to "Lord Of The Rings," Bell said: 'I'm not nominated this year, so Russell Crowe has a chance.'

"Speaking at a press conference after receiving his award, Crowe laughed about the quip and said: 'I thought Jamie Bell's performance was unique and very special and I had no problems with him being honoured last year - that was really special.'"

See a full list of winners here.

Blick (Switzerland)
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One of our readers attended the BAFTAs and sent us these photos from INSIDE!

[The photo on the left] "shows exactly how far away mere mortals have to sit at this event - but the atmosphere was still incredible and SO exciting. To set the scene, when you arrive at your seat, instead of Coke and popcorn, Orange had provided cardboard carton tubes containing a quarter bottle of champagne, rice crackers (which you can see Russell chomping on when Jamie Bell makes his joke) and jelly beans, plus a black straw for the bubbly ! They are also considerate enough to leave a bottle of water and a paper towel. It means that when the people you are gunning-for win, you can toast them!"

[right] "Every year at the after-awards-dinner, they deck the tables in the theme of the five Best Film nominations. The centerpiece [on the A Beautiful Mind table] is a tree of papers with scribblings through them, and lower down they have yellow pencils pierced through them. They also get an artist to make place mats to correspond to the film." (Thanks to anonymous)

From the red carpet
(Photos by and thanks to Vickie)

*As it is now known, there was quite a bit of news regarding the BAFTA's after we posted that original item about the speech being cut. For those of you who haven't followed the events of that week, see our news pages starting at 2/24/02.

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