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What Russell has to say about Maximum Crowe!

"The favorite fan site. The best fan site, the one you should be using."
(on presenting us the award for "Best Fan Site" at the Onya awards show *, August 19, 2000 )

What others have to say about us!

"Sites to See / Best Bet: Maximum Russell Crowe
This is the standard by which all fan sites should be judged. MRC's incredibly thorough pages contain Crowe's biography, filmography, headlines, gossip, photos and casting rumors. Best of all, they're delivered with great humor."
USA Today (March 15, 2002)

Yahoo Internet Life
May 2000

Up and Coming

"Flawless fan site"

March 5, 2000

"It's simply the best fan site that we've ever managed to come across."
on choosing us as one of the five best websites of 2002

"The frighteningly thorough web site,"
(August 4, 2000)

"Someone relayed a tidbit about some bad behavior by Russell Crowe. I tried to resist. I've OD'd on Russell Crowe
dish. Russell having an outburst is about as shocking as news that Tom Green made a dumb joke. (OK, so maybe
I'm starting to get scared of those fierce Russell defenders at MaximumCrowe.)"

Gossip columnist (April, 2002)

"Just Guessing: (Click link to read article.)
The Sydney Morning Herald (March 29-31, 2002).

What else Russell says about us!
(from his official site, )

Who's behind Maximum Russell Crowe?

As many of you already know, we try to be as private as possible about ourselves for the purposes of this site. But since so many of you are asking .. . .

We don't have any mysterious reasons for not saying who we are, we have always just preferred to let our work speak for us. We have full time "day" jobs, we do not get paid for this, (in fact it is quite expensive for us to keep up!), we have sarcastic senses of humor, and yes (and we're sure some of you might not agree!) we are among Russell's biggest fans and have been for many years. (We figure this site might help our case in defending that statement!) As for names, ages, rank, etc., we're still keeping that private for now.

You can send Russell-related magazines, clippings, photos, interviews, videos, etc. (and of course Porsches) to this address:

Maximum Russell Crowe
PO Box 460135
San Francisco, CA 94146

DO NOT send: junk mail, hate mail, solicitations, farm animals etc, or letters for Russell or 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. To send mail to Russell use the addresses posted here:

* For those of you who missed the live webcasts of the Onya Awards, you can view them . Russell was on the webcast in 2000 (jump ahead about 50 minutes from the beginning) via tape from Austin to present us our award! Russell and 30 Odd Foot of Grunts appeared at the 2001 awards show live from the Metro in Sydney, when we collected our second award!



(Photo: Cable TV Guide, June 17, 2000. Thanks to Edwina)

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