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Golden Globe Awards
January 23, 2000
Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell with date Jodie Foster and friend Tom Cruise

During live televised coverage of the celebrity arrivals at the 57th Annual Golden Globes ceremony held January 23, 2000 at the Beverly Hilton, the following interview took place between Los Angeles based newscaster Kelly Mack, Russell Crowe, and Jodie Foster:

Kelly Mack: Back live right now, this is an interesting pairing you see here. Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe, who is nominated tonight for The Insider (Russell and Jodie, holding hands, walk toward her. Russell nods at the camera and greets Kelly.)

Kelly (shaking Russell's hand while Jodie is turned the other way speaking to Dylan McDermott): Hi Mr. Crowe, thanks very much for talking to us . . .

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe: Hi. What's your name?

Kelly: Kelly Mack. Kelly Mack, from KNBC.

Russell: Kelly. How're you doing Kelly? (He then turns to look back at Jodie, who's still unaware the interview is taking place)

Kelly: Now um, (Jodie realizes Russell is being interviewed, looks surprised, says "oops!" then joins in on the conversation) what a great movie that you were in; what a fantastic movie. Um, have you been to the Globes before?

Russell: No. No, until tonight I was a virgin. (At this, Jodie smiles, shrugs, and raises her eyebrows at Kelly)

Kelly: You were? And here you are with Jodie Foster. Now, this is an interesting pair. How do you guys know each other?

(Jodie and Russell turn slowly to look at each other. Russell smiles at Jodie and she bursts into laughter.)

Jodie Foster: Well we met, um, I think we met in the limos . . . (gesturing toward the street) limo, uh, no no no.

Russell: (smiling and pointing in the same direction with his thumb): Yeah.

Kelly: Aw, come on.

Jodie: No, we actually just met recently and uh, I'm a big fan . . .

Russell: Very, very, very recently.

Jodie: . . . a very big fan.

Kelly: Very recently?

Russell: Yes.

Kelly: Well, you make a really gorgeous couple and stuff (to which Jodie looks rather surprised, sort of laughs and responds "Oh, thank you" while Russell smiles).

Kelly: Are you here lending moral support to Russell? I know he's nominated and has to be nervous. (Russell smiles at Kelly, then looks at Jodie)

Jodie: I'm going to be holding the keys and the breath mints. That's my job for this evening. (Russell nods in agreement)

Kelly (laughing): Well Jodie I think looks like she's going to have a good time and stuff. Can you actually have a good time at these things even when you're nominated?

Russell: I think you can have a good time during anything, it just depends on your state of mind. And we have decided that we are going to have a good time this evening together . . .

Jodie (smiling): There ya go, there ya go.

Russell: . . . and, so shall it be.

Kelly: All right, wonderful. Now (to Jodie) you are probably going to get a lot of attention coming up um, at the Oscars; Anna and the King coming up . . . (Russell and Jodie both look a bit puzzled by this remark).

Jodie: I don't know about that!

Kelly: . . . this is, is this old hat for you?

Jodie: Uh . . . well, you know, I love these events. The first Globe I was, the first Globe I came to I was uh, twelve I think, I was about twelve or thirteen. It was a big moment and this is, I say, this is my favorite of all the events, so I'm always pleased.

Kelly: And why is that?

Jodie: Well, because you can eat, and you can run around and talk to people. You’re not stuck in a seat and it's just more exciting, more fun, a little less pressure.

Kelly: Yeah, exactly. Well, you both look gorgeous. Have a great time and thanks for talking to us. Appreciate it.

Jodie says thank you, Russell nods and presumably says something like "You're welcome Kelly" (it's not clear). They then walk hand in hand over to the next in a long line of interviews.

Kelly: OK, bye bye. I tell ya, I still get stunned when I talk to these people. I'm like, "Oh my God, it's Jodie Foster!" And Russell Crowe, who is wonderful too . . .

Very special thanks to Lori C.

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