A Look Back at 2001

It's that time of year again! So, just for fun, here are
10 of Maximum Crowe's Favorite Russell Moments of 2001

10. Russell's live at the Gladiator special screenings in Los Angeles.
He was articulate, witty and thoroughly entertaining, reminding us yet again why he could read the phone book and still charm everyone in the room!

9. Russell looking so great at the .
(Eat your heart out Joan Rivers!)

8. 30 Odd Foot of Grunts at the
Russell's band won the Onya Award for Best Official Band Site in August, and even showed up as surprise guests to perform two songs, "All The White Circles" and "What You Want Me To Forget," live at the awards ceremony in Sydney. Then, on the next night, the band performed at Coffs Harbour Hotel in northern New South Wales. Relaxed and feeling at home, they were clearly ready to take on America.

7. 30 Odd Foot of Grunts in .
The band kicked off its first real U.S. tour in Austin, Texas. The tour was sold out in nearly every city -- from Austin to New York City and LA. Russell and other Grunts appeared live on morning radio shows to promote the shows -- sounding a little frazzled from the tour's hectic pace, but still winning over skeptical DJs and cynical listeners alike. New fans, old fans, one show, every show -- a great time was had by all. (Except maybe the stage crew that had to pick up all those pieces of women's underwear strewn on stage!)

6. Russell not sleeping with Courtney Love.
Well, OK, technically that would qualify as a favorite moment of ANY year. After nearly a year of innuendoes, Courtney Love admitted on "Access Hollywood" that the two didn't have a one-night stand the night of the Golden Globes. We're just as relieved as Russell is!

5. The Bastard Life or Clarity CD being released commercially in Australia, the U.S. and Canada.
And hearing it played on the radio! And seeing the "Sail Those Same Oceans" video on TV! The album proved that the Grunts aren't just an actor's showcase. It even made one Billboard magazine reviewer's top 10 list!

4. Russell proving to the world -- yet again -- what his fans have known all along in A Beautiful Mind.
Remember back at the start of the year, when everyone referred to him as "Gladiator hunk" or "Meg's love"? Yeah, we don't either. Because with his powerful performance, he silenced all those people who seemed to think his career began with L.A. Confidential and would end with a string of rehashes. If anything, A Beautiful Mind got people talking about his talent again. Which is what it's all about anyway, right?

3. The incident at Princeton University.
Mere days after winning the Oscar, our fears that Russell might be tempted to "go Hollywood" were silenced forever. Some were horrified at the incident, writing to us how they were appalled that the Gladiator hunk could do such a thing to a poor "innocent" student, and they vowed never to watch another of his films. We personally didn't need Ron Howard to explain -- we knew that the student probably had been taunting Russell, yelling "Maximus! Maximus!" or otherwise disturbing the consummate actor on the set of a very intense film. Plus, we just thought it was really, really funny. (And we still do!) *

2. Russell's after winning Best Actor for at the Academy Awards.
For many people, it was the first time they'd seen the Gladiator hunk (OK, we'll stop now!) as himself and not in character -- or not in some tabloid. Afterward, some people had more to say about him wearing his (the uninformed just thought it was a fashion statement; some war veterans said it was inappropriate). But for a few moments, on the film industry's biggest night, our man had the whole world's attention. More importantly, he kept it -- by being charming, articulate, funny, and above all else, himself. It was one of the most heartfelt Oscar speeches ever. And the best part was, it came across as if he'd composed it during the few minutes it took him to get to the stage.

1. "And goes to . . . Russell Crowe." It was a moment we always knew would happen, and yet it's one we'll never forget.

Our look back at 2000

* If we've offended you by thinking this incident was funny, well -- click here!

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