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A Look Back at 2000

With the end of the year upon us, we thought we'd take a look back at Russell's biggest year (so far!). So, just for fun and in no particular order, here are
10 of Maximum Crowe's Favorite Russell Moments of 2000.

10. Russell's Oscar nomination for the Insider.
His performance as Jeffrey Wigand was one the Academy finally couldn't ignore.

9. Awards season 2000.
There was the National Board of Review ceremony, film critics awards, the Golden Globes and the awards. But none compared to seeing Russell -- in Armani tails and escorting his young niece Chelsea -- at the in March. Too bad that, except for presenting an award with Julianne Moore, he only got about 29 seconds of random screen time -- in what turned out to be the longest Oscar ceremony in history!

8. Some of Russell's older films -- No Way Back, Heaven's Burning, Hammers Over the Anvil and Romper Stomper -- finally coming out on DVD!

7. Seeing 30 Odd Foot of Grunts perform again live in Austin, Texas.
A great time was had by all -- despite having to put up with the heat and Stubb's rude, amateurish security force.

6. Russell and Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes in January.
Some of the best moments: Russell, who was nominated for The Insider, laughing with fellow best-actor nominee (and co-star) Denzel Washington and his wife during a commercial break, and jokingly giving the "Loser" sign both on his forehead and director Michael Mann's after they both walked away empty-handed.

5. The nurse from Proof managing to stay out of the tabloids!

4. The Sydney press conference to promote Gladiator.
Articles said Russell was everything from rude to, well, VERY rude. But read the actual transcript and you'll see just how much people do not get his humor.

3. The surgery photos.
Classic Russell, even though you had to read to figure out what they meant!

2. Russell announcing we'd won the Onya award on the webcast.
Ok, so it was more OUR moment than his, but it was one we aren't likely to forget!! And apparently he gets our sense of humor as much as we get his!

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(Screen captures thanks to Neicie)

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