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The Long Green Shore


Based on the novel of the same name by John Hepworth, it is the story of a group of soldiers fighting an obscure battle in a jungle in New Guinea, during the closing stages of World War II.

Also starring:
(The film has not yet been cast.)
Ron Howard is rumored to be making a cameo appearance.

Directed by: Russell Crowe

Screenplay: Russell Crowe

Release date: (????)

Financed by: Intermedia

Produced by: Guy East, Nigel Sinclair / Intermedia


This will be Russell's first time directing a feature length film.

Russell has been interested in the project for many years and even mentioned it in a live internet chat on, back in September, 1998. (You can read the transcript . Scroll.)

"The Long GreenShore" was written for a literary competition sponsored by the Sydney Morning Herald.

John Hepworth was a prolific writer, but it wasn't until right before he died of lung cancer in January of 1995, did he learn that his masterpiece "The Long GreenShore" was finally going to be published.

(Who else we'd like to see in the film along with Russell . . . )

Koji Yakusho


"It'll be a challenge . . . the idea petrifies me, but at the same time I think of myself as a story-teller already. I think it's time to try something like this." (The Melbourne Age, 11/18/01)


"'Australia's All Quiet on the Western Front . . . The timeless record of a generation of men who had it hard, and copped it sweet, and went off into battle not knowing what the day would bring." Bob Ellis

"The product of personal experience, The Long GreenShore burns with the immediacy of a young man's memory. In direct and unsentimental detail, it recounts the lives -- and deaths -- of a group of soldiers fighing an obscure battle in a corner of the rain-soaked jungle. Written with vivid intensity, it captures the unholy excitement, the terrors, and the slow, acid-burning monotony of war."

"It is a great book of battle, the year-long stuggle to take the northern shore of New Guinea, painfully and mortally and pointlessly, as it turned out, when the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki made all their efforts redundant, and a great despairing love song, too, to a generation of men, the shrewd and cheery innocents, a happy breed of men, who came out of the Depression scalded and game and stoic; never such innocence again, as Phillip Larkin said, never such a decent mateship and grimly shared humanity and comradeship again. Never a friend so close. Never a grief so great. Never again. Bob Ellis *


"From the last Christmas of the Second World War, until that war ended, two brigades of the Sixth Australian Infantry Division fought an obsure but at times bitter and bloody campaign along the savage north coast of New Guinea.

When the war ended, and the snakeskin drums sounded the word through the mountains, they were in sight of the deathly valley of the Sepik.

This campaign from Aitape to Wewak was an unnecessary one. The Japanese army in the area was isolated from the rest of the Pacific. They occupied no strategically important ground: they showed no aggressive intent.

This campaign was war in it's classing wastefulness. It was fought for no apparent reason, other than that Australia might claim another Division in action; and perhaps,strengthen her voice with their bodies at the peace table.

To that end a few hundred men died.

I know it is not such a great number in the millions of the dead -- but it is bitter that they might have died in a better cause. "

The Long Green Shore:


The Australian War Memorial

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* Bob Ellis co-authored several books with John Hepworth.

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