The Golden Globe Awards:
January 21, 2001

(AP Photo/Kim Johnson)

(Reuters/Adrees Latif)

Russell arrives, alone, close to the start of the 58th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Russell greets Al Pacino (The Insider) on the red carpet. A scene from The Insider is shown during a retrospective of Pacino's work later in the ceremony.

"And the nominees are..." As Hilary Swank reads off the nominees, Russell's name gets the biggest cheers. But it's Tom Hanks who takes the trophy, for his performance in "Cast Away." Though the Golden Globes are seen as a precursor to the Oscars, author and awards "expert" Tom O'Neil says later on E! Television's post-show that the Academy's aversion to awarding actors with three Oscars could hurt Hanks' chances of winning the Oscar. That boosts Russell's chances of winning the coveted award in March, O'Neil says.

Ridley Scott loses the best director award, Gladiator goes on to win best picture. Accepting the award onstage are Scott, writer/producer David Franzoni and producer Douglas Wick. The film solidifies its status as the front-runner in the year's Oscar race. With few exceptions, the Golden Globe winner for best picture has gone on to win the Academy Award.

And the parties begin...

Russell with "Billy Elliot" star Jamie Bell.
(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Russell and Jamie Bell at Trader Vic's
Photo by: Berliner Studios (Hollywood Reporter, January 23-29, 2001)

(Entertainment Tonight screen captures thanks to Neicie. All other captures MRC, unless otherwise noted)


If you missed Russell on E! TV's coverage from the red carpet, click , select the "rebroadcast of the pre-show" video clip. Russell is near the end of the 2 hour clip, at 1:46 and at 1:48. (Thanks to Heidi)

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E Online (Thanks to Nina)
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Russell at the Golden Globes 2000.

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