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Brides of Christ


Dominic Maloney


Religion and social change are backdrops to this critically acclaimed miniseries about teachers and students at a convent school in 1960s Australia. Russell appears as Dominic in Volume II of the three-volume video set. Rosemary, a student at the school, begins to question the teachings of the Catholic Church while exploring her blossoming sexuality. Deemed a rebel by the nuns and a growing concern to her family, Rosemary becomes sexually promiscuous and develops a bad reputation among the town's boys. One night at a school dance, she meets Dominic, the sweet-natured older brother of a classmate. The two become friends, but Rosemary yearns for more. And then the Vietnam War cuts their relationship short.

Also starring: Brenda Fricker (Sister Agnes), Sandy Gore (Mother Ambrose), Kym Wilson (Rosemary Fitzgerald), Josephine Byrnes, Lisa Hensley, Naomi Watts

Directed by: Ken Cameron

Aired: First episode September 4, 1991 (six one-hour episodes)

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Soundtrack: Silver City Records




Russell sings and plays guitar in the film.

Director Ken Cameron worked on the Australian television show Police Rescue. Russell guest-starred on the series in 1990.

Cameron also directed the award-winning film The Umbrella Woman (aka The Good Wife) starring Bryan Brown (Blood Oath).

Kym Wilson guest-starred on "Snowy River" which featured Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential). She was also in the 1991 movie Flirting, co-starring Russell's pal Nicole Kidman.


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