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Maximum Russell Crowe is proud to present an exclusive Q-and-A with Garth Adam of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.


MRC:ÊMany people have a hard time pinpointing the "genre" of music you play because of the many different styles you incorporate. Is that intentional? Or does it come from having many different musical influences?
GARTHÊADAM: Yes, there are a lot of different musical influences. The members of the band share some of the same tastes whilst in other areas they are quite different. We all bring some part of these to the rehearsals for new songs. Because we can't always be together and do other music outside TOFOG I also think that we bring these influences to the music as well.

Circus is the only song you've released that none of you had a hand in writing. What attracted you guys to it?
Don Walker, who wrote the song, is from a very famous Aussie band called Cold Chisel. This song was never played by Cold Chisel, however Don's producer Charlie Fisher played the song to us a few years ago along with some others. We made demos of the ones we liked and ended up liking this one the most. The words and the story are very clever.

On Gaslight you experiment with many different styles, from rap to country to the use of strings and even a Hammond B3. What can we expect on the next recording?
There will be more variety once again, although the recordings will be in a more similar style as this time we are endeavouring to finish a whole album inside a year. One new feature will be the use of other instruments such as brass and more strings and anything else we like.

How did your first show in the U.S. compare with the ones you've played in Australia?
The first show was fun, although I don't think it would be representative of your average US show. In Australia people are more familiar with our music as we have done three tours there. As well, the venues in Australia look and feel different. Not better, just different. You would have to come here to know what I mean.

What's the last CD you bought, and have you even had time to listen to it?
I bought the last Sheryl Crow album and the last Hole album.

Obsession and isolation are common themes in your music. Does that say something about the price of success?
Many of Russell's lyrics are about exactly that, some more obvious than others, like the Photograph Kills and Kill Me. Others tend to be about the difficulty with relationships and friends Russell had, working in a business like his and with the constant travelling.

Would Russell ever think about combining music and acting again and going back to the stage?
I don't think he would do stage musicals again but would look at a musical role in films if the right project came up.

Is there anything you'd like to add, or say to your fans?
I personally would like to thank everyone who has bought the cd's. The more support we can get in the US the easier it will be to get over there. Also we will try to make the whole TOFOG operation more fan friendly this year.

Very special thanks to Garth Adam!

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