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Love triangle about a promising art student's unexpected return to the small Australian town where he grew up. Once there, his very presence stirs memories of his romance with Meg, the girl he left behind, and threatens Meg's less-passionate relationship with Johnny, once Sam's best friend.

Directed by: George Ogilvie

Also stars: Robert Mammone (Sam), Danielle Spencer (Meg)

Opened Australia October 18, 1990

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Soundtrack: Regular Records


Did You Know?

When he first offered Russell a part in the film, director George Ogilvie asked the then 25-year-old which part he wanted. Russell's reply: "all of them."

Ogilvie persuaded Russell to replace the front tooth that had been kicked out during a football match when he was 10 and never replaced. Russell explains: "after I got the role, George and I went out, for a coffee I think. he said to me, 'what are we going to do about your tooth?' I've been trying to think of many, many ways as to why his character would have a broken tooth and I just don't see it.'"

"George was such an artist, such a gentle guy. and then he said, 'so what's the problem?' I told him that I just didn't want anything false going on here, and I went through my whole teenage years, how I failed all these auditions, never got a tv commercial, that I didn't want to do anything false, and how all the jobs I had got were with this gap in my teeth. And George just said, 'well, I think it's good to grow out of that behavior. Let's have two front teeth when we play Johnny Ryan, shall we?' So I got a new tooth." (The Age, November 1997)

A new tooth isn't all he picked up during filming. He and Danielle Spencer went on to date for four years. They broke up for several years and later reunited and are currently married. They have a son Charlie.

Russell wrote several songs about her. (You can find the lyrics to "Danielle" here.)

Russell and Robert Mammone later co-starred in 1997's Along with Danielle, Robert remains close friends with Russell to this day.

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