Maximum Russell Crowe

Also Known as: The Efficiency Expert (US)

Kim Barrett


A no-nonsense efficiency expert is brought in to analyze a financially troubled moccasin factory in 1960s Australia. While facing marital problems and questioning the ethics of his job, he learns to appreciate the laid-back atmosphere at the family owned factory, as well as the eccentrics who work there.

Also stars:

Anthony Hopkins (Wallace), Ben Mendelsohn (Carey), Toni Collette (Wendy)

Director: Mark Joffe

Cool cameos: Angela Punch McGregor (Caroline)

Opened Australia: January 22, 1992

Available on Video and DVD

Soundtrack: Picture This Records

Filmed in Melbourne


Director Mark Joffe also directed the 1996 Aussie comedy Cosi, which starred Ben Mendelsohn, Toni Collette and Love In Limbo's Aden Young.

Spotswood was Toni Collette's film debut, as a teenager.

The film's primary location was an abandoned factory, which production designer Chris Kennedy filled with items from old factories, rummage shops and garage sales to give it that aging industrial look.

During filming, Russell, who was preparing for Love in Limbo, "pestered" Hopkins about how to do a Welsh accent. (Midday Show / thanks to Sunnie)

Hopkins has said that Russell reminds him of himself as a young man.

Russell, meanwhile, has said it was a "privilege" to with Hopkins, adding that "he showed me the power of detail. Hopkins could map out a 20-point journey with a coffee cup. I've seen him pick up a coffee cup, and every time he picks it up, he is doing something different. But nothing that he is doing with the coffee cup is distracting from his eyes, from the internal process." (Aussie Vogue October 1997)

(Photo: Thanks to Thomas K.)

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