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Hammers Over The Anvil

Russell Crowe / Hammers over the Anvil

East Driscoll


An award-winning film about a boy's coming of age in a small Australian town. Alan, crippled with polio, yearns to be a great horse rider like his hero, East Driscoll, a horsebreaker who lives alone but is pursued by every female in town. The arrival of Grace McCallister and her rich husband leads to an intense love affair for East and unrequited love for the young Alan.

Director: Ann Turner

Also stars: Charlotte Rampling (Grace McAlister), Alexander Outhred (Alan Marshall), Frankie J. Holden (Dad)

Filmed in Australia October 11- November 29,1991

Available on Video and DVD

Soundtrack: Not Drowning, Waving / Rouges Gallery Records

Awards: Alexander Outhred, Young Actors Award, Australian Film Institute, 1992

Based on the novel "Hammers Over The Anvil" by Alan Marshall

Russell Crowe / Book Cover

Russell Crowe as East


Charlotte Rampling, Russell's quite convincing love interest in the film, is 19 years his senior.

The film contains a somewhat lengthy -- but definitely steamy -- love scene between East and Grace. It takes place in the hay, but let's just say they don't roll in it.

Frankie J. Holden, who plays young Alan's dad, had a small but memorable role as "Brian," the sensitive policeman whom Martin and Andy run into in Proof.

Kirsty McGregor, who plays Elsie Marshall, also can be seen in Brides of Christ.

Peter Osborn, who plays Father Finnegan, was in the award-winning Breaker Morant with Jack Thompson (Sum Of Us) and Bryan Brown (Blood Oath aka Prisoners of the Sun).


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Russell Crowe / Hammers over the Anvil

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