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30 Odd Foot of Grunts
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OWOS release notes (2003)

(Albums pre Other Ways of Speaking)

In Print Articles and interviews
Page One: includes: "Grunt Work" (Entertainment Weekly, 7/14/00) and articles pre-2000.
Page Two: Articles about the Austin shows 2000.
: Articles from 2001.
: Articles from 2001.
: Articles & Live Interviews from 2001. Includes WXRT Chicago.
: Articles & Live Interviews from 2001. KINK radio interview (Portland)
: Articles & Live Interviews from 2001. KFOG radio interview (San Francisco)
: Articles & Live Interviews from 2001. WPLJ radio interview (New York)

Stubb's, August 2001

The Basement, Sydney and Coffs Harbour Hotel, Coffs Harbour.

The Fox Theatre, August 17, 2001

House of Blues, August 13-14, 2001

House of Blues, August 26, 2001

Roseland, August 22-23, 2001

The Fillmore, August 24-25, 2001

Live in Austin Stubb's, August 2000

Live in London
The Borderline, London July 23, 2000

From the International Pop Festival at Samremo, Italy

Q-&-A with Garth Adam
Read our exclusive interview!

The official press release for Summer 2001 shows.

Pre-release item about BLOC (January, 2001). (No photos)

Hollywood Goes Wild CD. (No photos)

30 Odd Foot of Grunts

(See News page for Tour information 2003)

The Grunts Live: Summer 2001 Tour:

August 4: The ONYA Awards: The Basement, Sydney, Australia
August 5: Coffs Harbour Hotel, Australia
August 10: Stubbs Barbeque, Austin, Texas
August 11: Stubb's, Austin, TX
August 13: House Of Blues, Chicago, IL
August 14: House Of Blues, Chicago, IL
August 16: The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno
August 17: Gavin Convention, The Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado
August 18: Stubb's, Austin, TX
August 21: Roseland, Portland, OR
August 22: Roseland, Portland, OR
August 24: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
August 25: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
August 26: House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA
August 28: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
August 29: Irving Plaza, New York, NY
August 30: The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Congratulations to the band on a very successful tour!

The Grunts Live: Fall 2001:

October 19 and 20: The Metro, Sydney, Australia

Cameron Crowe (director of Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire) on BASTARD LIFE OR CLARITY:

"Real rock is the studio chatter at the top of "The Night Davey Hit The Train." Real rock is the way the guitar solo blazes in on "Things Have Got To Change," and then the vocal comes slamming back . . . and you're only on track one. Real rock is the reckless way TOFOG gives you "Somebody Else's Princess" and "Judas Cart" on the same album. Real rock is the way a band sounds when they love the songs. Real rock is actually capturing the magic of a live favorite like "Barry Kable" in the studio. You know it when you hear it. Real rock is a Stones album like "Exile On Main Street," or Bruce Springsteen cutting loose on a song like "Night." Real rock is BASTARD LIFE OR CLARITY.

And P.S. -- I wanted to be the first great rocker named Crowe. Those dreams are over, baby."

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