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Love in Limbo

Arthur Baskin


A teen obsessed with sex (Adams), a handsome skirt-chaser (Young) and a Welsh Baptist virgin (Russell, in a funny performance) become unlikely friends in this '50s coming-of-age comedy. Includes Russell singing a soulful rendition of Amazing Grace, played for laughs.

Limbo Trio

Directed By: David Elfick

Also Stars: Craig Adams (Ken Riddle), Maya Stange (Ivy Riddle), Aden Young (Barry McJannet)

Filmed: June - July 1991

Opened Australia March 7, 1993

Working title "The Great Pretender"

Also known as: "Just One Night"

Soundtrack: Composer Records (Polygram)

Filming locations: Cottesloe, Kalgoorlie and Perth, Western Australia

Arthur full body


The Love in Limbo soundtrack features '50s rock 'n' roll, including the classic songs "Get A Job", "Feels So Good", "Come Go With Me","Shake Rattle And Roll" and "Since I Don't Have You".

Russell traveled to Wales to help perfect a Welsh accent for the film, even taping conversations with the locals. But he's said the tapes proved less important for developing Arthur's accent than for helping him construct the character of Hando for Romper Stomper. Still, of his apparently fruitful time in Wales, Russell jokingly says, "I really travelled to Wales to have a beer outside Cardiff Arms Park. That was my priority." (Aussie Vogue October 1997)

Aden Young appeared in the Australian comedy Cosi (1996) with Russell's Spotswood co-stars Ben Mendelsohn and Toni Collette.

More Russell-Aden connections: director Geoffrey Wright cast Aden in his 1994 film Metal Skin (aka Speed). Aden and Hugo Weaving, Russell's co-star in Proof, appeared in Exile (1994).

Love in Limbo: IN PRINT
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Photo: Preview (Australia, September 1991)
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"Going Ape Russell Crowe (middle) clowns with Samantha Murray and George (Acropolis Now) Kapiniaris at the premiere of Love in Limbo. The first WA feature film to receive funding from the Australian Film Finance Corporation (in this case, $4.3 million [AUST]) (Australia, September 1991)"
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Russell in Love in Limbo

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