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1991 - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Australian Film Institute

Russell Crowe as Andy



What it's about: Blind since birth, Martin's distrust of humanity prompts him to take photographs to document his world. He develops a friendship with Andy, an honest and likable dishwasher who Martin recruits to descibe the photos. But a devious plan by Martin's lovelorn housekeeper, Celia, threatens to tear them apart.


Writer /Director: Jocelyn Moorhouse

�Also stars: Hugo Weaving (Martin), Genevi�ve Picot (Ceila)

Cool cameo: Daniel Pollock (Drive-in Punk)


Produced: 1990

Budget: 1.1 million Australian

Premiered: 1991 Cannes, Opening Night / Directors Fortnight

Opened in Australia: August 15, 1991

Australian TV Premier: Sunday July 18, 1993 TV Ten (took second place nationally in all Mainland State Capitol Cities)

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Soundtrack by Not Drowning, Waving


Major Awards:

Hugo Weaving, Best Actor, Australian Film Institute, 1991

Russell Crowe, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Australian Film Institute, 1991

Jocelyn Moorhouse, Critics Award, S�o Paulo International Film Festival, 1992



Frankie J. Holden, who played the sympathetic policeman Brian, also played "Dad" in Hammers Over the Anvil. Frank Gallacher, the veterinarian in Proof, was Mr. Thomas (the preacher) in Hammers.

Proof started in the mid-1980s as a 50-minute short film. Moorhouse was told her script was too long to get financing as a short, and was encouraged to expand it to feature-length. It took five years before the film went into production.

The film's budget was small even by Aussie standards.

Initially, the Cannes Film Festival adviser brought in to check out Australia's latest crop of films that year wasn't impressed by the film and rejected it for competition. After cuts and some scenes were dropped, the film was finally accepted. It was later scheduled as the opening night film.

In all, Proof was invited to be shown at more than 50 film festivals worldwide. Among others were Brazil, London, Seattle, Singapore, Sundance, Tokyo and Toronto.

The movie dominated the 1991 Australian Film Institute awards, winning seven in all, including best film, director, script, actor, supporting actor and editing.

It initially was shown on only four screens in Melbourne and Sydney. After the AFI Awards, it was eventually expanded to 25.

Hugo Weaving is a transplanted Aussie, too. He was born in Nigeria and moved to Australia as a child.

He co-starred with L.A. Confidential's Guy Pearce in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and James Cromwell in Babe (as the voice of Rex).

Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving

Proof (1991):
In a career jam-packed with brilliance, Hugo Weaving hits a true high note in Joycelyn Moorhouse's highly acclaimed drama Proof. Weaving plays Martin, a blind man who proves that physical disability doesn't necessarily get you a key to sainthood. Self-obsessed, paranoid and mean spirited, Martin still manages to stir the affections of his oddly scheming housekeeper, Celia (a tart and snarling Genevieve Picot) and Andy (an excellent Russell Crowe), a laid-back kitchen hand who he befriends. In a complicated mesh of jealousy, malice and possessiveness, Celia seduces Andy to spite Martin and sets in motion a chain of events that will ultimately unravel them all. Razor sharp, blackly comic and keenly intelligent, Proof is one of the best Australian films of the nineties. (Filmink, October 2001)

From the New York Times:

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